SOFT 4WD Trails

People choose to live in this warm and friendly district for the lifestyle and opportunities offered.

Suggested tracks:

  • Hampton to Gatton via Esk Road

  • Hampton to Gatton via Seventeen Mile Rd

  • Hampton to Blackbutt via Nukinenda Station

  • Hampton, Crows Nest Falls, Maria Creek

  • Hampton, Plainby, Djuan, Crows Nest

Download the trails map here

Soft 4WD

For those that love driving in the countryside there are seven 4WD trails to choose from. The trails are on public roads, mostly gravel or formed earth. Some are in poor condition. A high clearance vehicle or 4WD is recommended.

All the trails start from the Hampton Visitor Information Centre and the brochures give specific directions with distances, and informative notes.  Each trail is of about two hours duration.  It is advisable to call in at the Centre for current road conditions.

 If you find conditions have changed, please report them to the Information Centre: FREECALL 1800 009 066.

This is “soft” 4WD driving at its best.  Hampton nestles at the top of the Great Dividing Range.  To the east are the steep gullies and ridges that lead to the coastal strip (Southeast Queensland bioregion).  On the western side the range falls less sharply to the Darling Downs ( Brigalow Belt bioregion).  The trails take advantage of these natural features.  

There are good picnic spots and lookouts on most trails. For those who like birdwatching there is more information in the Crows Nest District bird trails, and other good birding spots en route are outlined in the trail notes.  In the spring the sandstone hills abound with wildflowers that attract butterflies as well as birds.