People choose to live in this warm and friendly district for the lifestyle and opportunities offered.

Our scenic region offers spectacular opportunities for a leisurely stroll, or a challenging hike, with nearby national parks and regional parks and gardens catering for all fitness levels. 

Details and maps can be found on the Toowoomba Regional Council website here. The Toowoomba Regional Council Walks and Trails booklet can be downloaded from here,

Bushwalking Track Grading Classification

Grade 1 – Flat, well-formed track, no steps, 5 km or less. Clearly signposted. Suitable for wheelchairs with assistance.

Grade 2 – Formed track. May have gentle hills and some steps. Clearly signposted. No experience required.

Grade 3 – Formed track, some obstacles, 20 km or less. May have short steep hills and many steps. Some experience recommended.

Grade 4 – Rough track. May be long and very steep with few directional signs. For experienced bushwalkers.

Grade 5 – Unformed track. Likely to be very rough, very steep and unmarked. For very experienced bushwalkers with specialised skills. .

A number of Mountain Bike trails are being mapped as part of the Mountain Bike Mecca Project ( Although most of these trails are on quiet public they are also suitable for walking.


What to wear and pack

When out and about, it’s important to keep safe. Please remember to:

  • Wear comfortable, protective footwear;
  • Dress for the track conditions and weather;
  • Wear a hat, sunscreen and insect repellent; and
  • Carry plenty of drinking water.

Applegum Walk

Grade 3       2,000 meters one way     40 minutes

Applegum Walk connects Bullockys Rest Park to Hartmann Park.

The track from Bullockys Rest follows Crows Nest Creek downstream and passes by the Pump Hole. It then travels up Bald Hills Creek to Hartmann Park. From Hartmann Park, you can walk to Bullockys Rest via the town centre or along Esk or Dale Streets. For map and details see the Applegum and Hartmann Park Walks page.

Hartmann Park Circuit

Grade 3     600 meters return      20 minutes

Hartmann Park Circuit starts at the Hartmann Park picnic area and from there the circuit crosses Bald Hills Creek and rises up the hill, via concrete steps. A collection of eucalyptus species make up the forest canopy while the plant undergrowth provides a rich display of wildflowers in spring.

Crows Nest Falls via Kauyoo Loop

Grade 4     2700 m loop     1 hour

This loop includes The Cascades, Kauyoo Pool and Bottlebrush Pool. The walk to the Cascades is relatively easy, becoming more challenging to Kauyoo Pool and Bottlebrush Pool.

Bottlebrush Pool is the ideal place to enjoy a swim and relax. Keep an eye out for brush-tailed rock wallabies as they move quietly around the surrounding granite hills and boulders. A sandy beach allows easy access to the normally shallow water at Kauyoo Pool.

Crows Nest Falls Lookout

Grade 3     2,100 m return      45 minutes

Water tumbles over 20 m high granite cliffs at Crows Nest Falls. Access to the Crows Nest Falls waterhole has been closed due to the danger posed by large rocks falling onto the track and into the waterhole.

Koonin Lookout

Grade 3     4,500 m return     1 hour 30 minutes

Wander out to Koonin Lookout for a bird’s-eye view of the Valley of Diamonds and to distant rolling hills around Ravensbourne. The name comes form the glint of the sun shining on the granite cliffs.

The Three Lakes

Lake Cressbrook Walk

Grade 3     7,5000 m total distance     150-160 minutes

The trailhead of Lake Cressbrook Walking Track is located near the boat ramp off Access Road in the Day Use Area but it can also be accessed from the camping area. It meanders adjacent to the lake’s edge, passing the camping ground before looping back through bushland.

Lake Perseverance Lookout Walk

Grade 2     216 m one way     5 minutes

The lookout is located at about 200 m from the carpark and offers views of the lake. From the lookout, you can walk another 200 m to the start of Perseverance Creek and have a different perspective of the lake. 

Lake Cooby

Grade 3     4,5000 m one way     90 minutes return

The trail goes along the lake shore from Loveday Cove to the Dam wall. The lake is a habitat for waterbirds and rich population of bush birds. If you sit quietly you may be able to also see a wide range of wildlife including koalas, possums, echidna .

Cedar Block Circuit

Grade 3     500 m loop     15 minutes

This short self-guided walk starts at the bottom of the Cedar Block day-use area. Signs interpret the rainforest and how it was used by Aboriginal travellers and timber-getters.

Rainforest Circuit 

Grade 3     1,700 m loop     40 minutes

Large Sydney blue gums Eucalyptus saligna emerge through the rainforest canopy. In the understory, there are many attractive ground ferns, epiphytic ferns and vines.

Palm Creek Circuit

Grade 3     3600 m loop     1 hour 15 minutes

This track crosses Palm Creek – named after the piccabeen palms Archontophoenix cunninghamiana covering its steep banks. A short side track leads along a eucalypt forest ridge to a small sandstone overhang.

Buaraba Creek Walk

Grade 4     6,200 m return     2 hours

This walk starts in the rainforest, passes through eucalypt forest, and ends with a short descent into the cool and shady Buaraba.

Munro Tramway 

Grade 3     1,500 m one way      60 minutes return

Current information on the Munro Tramway walk can be found here.

Several signs along the way tell the story of the Munro Tramway and the timber industry. There is also a lookout with views of Highfields. As this used to be a rail trail, the gradient is easy except for the gully where there used to be a bridge.